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We can teach large groups of OSHA students or certify one at a time.

Situation: Other OSHA Training centers or OSHA instructors may only agree to visit your location IF you can provide 5 or more employees for the class. What if you only have 3? You are out of luck. What if you just  hired one more? That is not enough for the other guys.

Solution: Since OSHA Training Las Vegas holds classes primarily on the weekends you can send your employees every week!* Whether its 10 at one time or just 1 individual.


1. Bilingual Instructors With Several Years of Experience (ENGLISH and SPANISH)
2. OSHA for General Industry and Construction
3. We teach onsite or in our 17 Classroom Facility With Computers in Every Class and Projectors
4. We laminate all OSHA cards and keep records of all classes taught.
5. We offer discounts: 10% for groups of 10+
6. We price match!
7. Classes are held every weekend*
8. Need a class tomorrow? Just ask!
9. All your Employees Will Receive

  • 2 weeks FREE English class
  • 2 weeks FREE GED class
  • 2 weeks FREE computer class
  • Free Citizenship Classes


*Excluding major holidays. Call for availability.

Call Today: 702-732-3111 Live OSHA 10

Call Today: 702-586-3131 Live OSHA 30

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