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Why You Should Avoid Online Osha Classes

Online OSHA programs make you sit for over 10 hours to complete one class. Your class will never be under 10 hours. With the online programs, they – in order to verify that you are receiving the information – will have to incorporate several tests throughout the online class to make sure you are not just clicking next. Receiving 10 hours of information in one sitting, and taking tests for several days, is more than anyone can ask of someone who works for many hours a day. In our experience, we have certified OSHA students who have given up taking their online OSHA card because they could not pass the tests. Our experienced instructors will, throughout the whole class, evaluate you and invite you to participate in the training and demonstrations so you will receive the best learning outcome available. No one falls asleep, and no one fails the test.

Several online programs will also give you the option to print out a certificate of completion. WARNING: The paper you print may not be an official OSHA card.

Paperwork and a certified instructor is needed to prepare documents to send to OSHA in order for you to receive your OSHA card by mail. If you do not have your official OSHA “yellow card” you may not be registered officially with OSHA. If this is the case, you have wasted your money.Our program has live instructors who will evaluate you and won’t require you to do a lengthy online test. Our live instructors will also, along with our support staff, make sure you are registered and receive your official OSHA card. This certification is a 5 year investment. Make sure there are no doubts to your certification.

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