OSHA was placed into law in the year 1970. Its assignment is to assist employers and workers to decrease the amount of accidents, sicknesses and fatalities while operating at one’s job. A business or organization’s most valued asset is the employee and personnel therefore OSHA’s has made sure to properly identify and correct practices and procedures in order to minimize any potential harm. Today, OSHA’s role in the workplace has reduced the total projected fatalities and total projected injuries since 1970.  OSHA’s far reaching influence has become multi-generational and has also impacted every race and socio-economic group.

Employers and companies large and small look to OSHA for best practices and safety guidelines. Company’s are aware that whenever there is less potential for risk or injury or you find fewer injuries, sicknesses and/or fatalities at any job, workman’s compensation costs can decrease. Workman’s compensation covers medical treatment when a worker or group is injured at work. Benefits or rewards are even awarded by some companies for the workers that are accident-free.

OSHA aids businesses follow the guidelines, they help workers as well as train employers to work securely and they have partnerships through voluntary plans. Information and sharing experiences in the workplace is the key to reducing potential hazards.

While at your job you might see OSHA visit your location for an inspection. They will have list of guidelines and regulations to be followed. They will point out safety violations and either the company will be given time to correct the violation or a fine will be issued. Safety, security, hazards and risks are the core focus of any inspection and are brought to light during the visit. At the end of the walk-through suggestions are made to correct any present or future danger.

OSHA can be a valuable tool for your organization or place of business.Many businesses may not operate unless training has been done for a particular job description. It is important to be aware of such dangers and it is also important to be aware of the potential hazards.