=The OSHA 10 classes are the most popular way to train workers on safety standards and hazard identification. Our training is 100% live in class and our experienced and licensed instructors cover all the regulations and requirements as they apply to the OSHA 10 certification course for the construction industry.

OSHA training is mandatory for certain states. It is a requirement before any work can begin. This training is necessary for an accident-free and healthy work environment. The following list of states (current as of Jan.2013) that have recently made OSHA certification a requirement are: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. Please check with your state about possible OSHA variations.

Our classes follow the OSHA Training Institute

Classes taught by our staff include real life scenarios and experience is shared in a dynamic way. We strive to assist each worker to recognize and reduce the risks that are present in his job site. The emphasis of our course is hazard recognition, avoidance, control and prevention.

Upon successful completion of the class and having met all the requirements necessary by OSHA, the student will receive an OSHA Card.  The OSHA card will be laminated and and processed within 3-5 weeks of completing the class. Students may also opt to receive a completion document which will be available to all our trainers. This will be proof that the class has taken place.

OSHA Course may include the following Topics:

  • Introduction to OSHA– This section will explain the history behind the program and the importance of OSHA
  • Material Handling– How to safely use and handle materials.
  • Tools – Hand and Power- From proper storage to use. How to not cause accidents that can hurt you or others.
  • Scaffolds– Safety in high places. A scaffolds can be deadly.
  • Stairways and Ladders– correct use of stairways and safety with ladders.
  • Excavations–  Buried danger and awareness of what may be underneath
  • Electrical– Steps to take when dealing with Electricity
  • Personal Protective Equipment– Your defense can minimize the impact of any accident
  • Fall Protection– Information geared to eliminate falls
  • Cranes- heavy machinery and your role
  • and more*

All our classes are equipped with overhead projectors and all our instructors hold valid OSHA Trainer certifications. OSHA has the right to change and modify their certification course at any time. All our instructors follow OSHA standards as they are current.

We also can offer discounted OSHA group classes. Contact our office for pricing and accommodations of groups larger than 5. Call 702-732-3111 for more info.