hiring-the-best-commercial-and-house-cleaning-services-in-las-vegasWhen you’re looking to hire a commercial and/or house cleaning service in Las Vegas, there are plenty of different things you should be thinking about. Make sure you sit down and give some time towards doing a bit of research to help speed up the process of finding the right company. Putting together some references for a company is a perfect step in the direction you want. References and reviews for a company, be they negative or positive, are a good thing to look over before you contact anyone. Other basic things for a cleaning company would be looking to what sort of cleaning services they actually do and what sort of scheduling is available to you as a customer. This will help you to eliminate companies that won’t work for you and your needs.

“A commercial cleaning company typically offers different cleaning services than a typical house cleaning company,” says Ben Sanders of Go House Cleaning in Las Vegas. “You’ll need to take some time to think about what kind of professionals you want cleaning your home and your business, as not all companies do both,” he says. There are plenty of businesses in specific industries as well that are specialized in their type of cleaning; medical cleaning, for instance, is very different than office cleaning, which in turn is different than home cleaning/maid type services. Think about what type of company you really need before reaching out.

Now, if you’re a business owner and you already have a cleaning staff that you’re using in-house for your maintenance, well you might need some special services they aren’t specifically trained for. Be sure to think about scheduling, too. Many services offer different discounts based on if you clean monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly.

Emergency Cleaning?

Often times people will need an emergency cleaning. This is a kind of cleaning that often includes some cleanup based on damages from fires, smoke, floods, or just a crazy raging party. Be sure you find a cleaning team that has the skills necessary to clean up based on the job you’re looking for.


Taking a look at the sort of certification a team needs or has prior to hiring is something else many people do. There are often times plenty of certifications that a service based company needs to go through prior to their hiring. Many office cleaning companies need certifications based on the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. Some such certifications would be mold inspection, green cleaning certification, and others. OSHA actually needs to be involved and approve of certifications like blood borne pathogens cleaning for those who clean up in a medical setting. Ensuring that the business you end up hiring has the correct skill set makes sure that they’re up to snuff, so to speak.

Free Estimates for Services

Plenty of people will give you a free estimate. How else can they earn your business, after all? They’ll come out and look over your space to give you the correct pricing before you enter into any sort of contract for their services.

You’ll always need to think about different things before you hire any company, and that includes a cleaning company here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Making sure that you take your time and properly research all the available companies before hiring makes sure you find the best team that fits your needs.